I love cycling during the summer since it is one of the most thrilling and enjoyable moments of my life.

Cycling through different terrains – both rough and smooth, is one of the best working out activities I find rewarding.

Not forgetting the few moments I have slept outdoors admiring the galaxy.

Truth be told, these are adorable moments I can’t forget. However, my biggest worry has always been to make my life outdoors comfortable.


Not even once did some tell me that I actually needed LED bike lights, cycling jerseys, photochromic cycling glasses, LED flashlights and camping tents.

From experience, these are some of the key products that have always made my life comfortable and easy when biking outdoor.

Here is why I find these 5 outdoor accessories the most important of all:

1.LED Bike Lights

cycling with Bike Lights

When you cycle in a dense forest at around 6 a.m., the path will be dark. Not much light will penetrate through the tree leaves to the path.

In such situations, you risk getting involved an accident. So, I thought of an LED bike light as a perfect solution for this.

This is due to a number of reasons:

  • LED produce sufficient light and energy efficient
  • Their lightweight makes them convenient and easy to carry
  • Easy to mount on the bike
  • Ability to control brightness
  • Long lasting battery
  • Several options available such as Core T6 200 lumen rechargeable, Cree XML T6 USB LED cycling light, bicycle tool T6 bike lights and Cree 1200 lumen light.

So far, I have used my Core T6 200 lumen rechargeable light for more than 1 year. It has never disappointed me.

Here is the secret – you should purchase LED bike lights that have passed the ROHS, LUMEN, EMC and CE testing criteria.

2.Cycling Jerseys

long sleeve cycling jersey

Let no one fool you, a sporting gear is a must have equipment for any outdoor sporting activity. I hope this makes some sense. The truth is, you need a cycling jersey. There are so many options available in the stores, so go for one the impresses you.

However, I find a red and white cycling jersey, comfortable since it matches the color of my bike and head gear. Again, you should do for one that fits tightly. This will reduce resistance when cycling so you won’t use a lot of energy.

3.Photochromic Cycling Glass

Photochromic Cycling Glass

If you like cycling over long distances the way I do, then you have no choice but to acquire a reliable photochromic lens. Well, initially, I thought going for cycling goggles with anti-fog(here is a guidebook of different anti fog solutions), anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings was enough.

That’s not true, you need a cycling goggle whose tint adjusts with a change in the environmental light intensity.

These are the only goggles with photochromic technology, whose tints adjust depending on the surrounding light intensity. They will protect your eyes from harmful UV radiations.

At the moment, I don’t have to travel with two pair of goggles like before. I only need one photochromic cycling glass.

4.LED Flashlight

LED flashlights factory

In case you will be outdoors for a night, then LED flashlight is a must have accessory. These LED flashlights are efficient, durable, with enhanced brightness.

Most of these lights come in different shapes and designs such as the X800 Tactical LED flashlight, LED zoomable aluminum flashlight, T6 1000 lumen LED zoomable flashlight and multi tool LED flashlight.

Whether you need a plastic, aluminum rechargeable, hunting touch or military flashlight; there are so many options available in the market to choose from.

5.Camping Tent

camping tent

I know there are so many camping tents in the market however, someone who loves biking, outdoors, portability is a key factor.

I don’t need something that will add extra weight as I cycle. As long as the camping tent is rugged, durable, strong, spacious, seals adequately from storms and a lighter color since I do my biking activities during summer; that will be my best choice.

In short, these are the top five products I always have when biking outdoors during summer.

In addition to these, I do have a first aid kit, a map, water bottle and protein shakes.

With all these in place, I am quite sure you will definitely enjoy all your outdoor activities.