GoldMore Outdoor Lighting: Your Goldmine for Lighting!

Goldmore which was established in 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different types of LED outdoor lights including camping lantern, flashlight, book light, night light, headlamp, bike light, work light and many more.
At Goldmore we strive to provide best service to our customers with professional sales team, qualified design engineers and dedicated QC team which is responsible for 100% on-line products inspection to ensure best quality. Our innovative product designers and experienced tooling engineers are available at your request to ensure fast sample preparation.

We work with trusted logistics partners to ensure safe freight and competitive prices on any size of the shipment.

Goldmore records an average turnover of five million US$ per year with sales distribution as follows:
– Europe 35%
– South America 30%
– North America 25%
– Asia 10%

A Look Back at Some Landmarks

Year 2001
Our mother company YOUQUAN ELECTRIC was established on a 300 square metre facility with 6 employees. We achieved sales of three million dollars this year.
Year 2005
The facility was expanded to 5000 square metres with 120 employees. Turnover grew up to $30M at the same time.
Year 2008
Goldmore as a portfolio company was established. The brand established joint ventures under the supervision of QOUQUAN ELETRIC, the mother company. The turnover grew up to $10M that year.
Year 2010
We added a new products line: Outdoor USB FAN.
Year 2012
We added the production of cycling jerseys and Yoga wear.
Year 2014
We added the production of outdoor backpacks. Goldmore decided to be the solution provider in the supply of outdoor products.
So, if you think lighting and outdoors, think Goldmore!