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Cycling Jercy

Our company produces technical custom sportswear for cycling, called Yowa. We have a plotter and expert graphics personnel available who are able to elaborate any requests made about models for the cycling jersey.

All the decisive stages in the production process of Goldmore are managed internally so as to guarantee quality control in services and in manufacturing. Our items are high quality technological products and are tested directly by a professional team to define their character and satisfy the most demanding athletes.

They respond to high protection characteristics, possess excellent adjustability to climatic conditions and athlete type with only one goal: to guarantee better performances and top comfort.

Cycling Jercy

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      Why GoldMore Cycling Jercy

      We are working hard to bring our customers the best cycling jerseys and compression body-contoured base layer along with great quality.

      Built With Multi-functional Advanced Fabric

      Our products are built with multi-functional advanced fabric which provides the best fit for all athletes, and keeps the wearer comfortable for any activity in every environment. Goldmore  keeps pursuing excellence to create innovative sports gear. Enjoy your sporty lifestyle with Goldmore.

      World Class Quality Cycling Jercy

      For Goldmore,quality is a state of mind. Now, design your sport life with us! Goldmore not only improves your physical competitiveness, but makes you unique and admired.