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LED Night Light Manufacturer

Night lights offer security and peace of mind. Why not give your clients top-quality customized night-lights that fit in well with any décor and do their job impeccably?

We have interesting designs, from hummingbird shaped LED night-lights to Santa Claus-shaped and pretty snowflake lights. If you prefer a traditional design, you’ll like our light bulb-shaped promotional night lights.

Your clients will remember you every time they use the night light to make their personal space comfortable, secure and convenient, whether it is placed in their child’s room, or any room in their home.

LED Night Light Manufacturer

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      Why GoldMore Night Light

      We are a supplier of all kinds of led night lights: led candle light,led butterfly light,led snow flower light,led Christmas light, and led touch light.

      customized Designs of Night Light

      We provide top-quality customized night-lights for you. We can provide the most professional services to all customers.

      1 Year Warranty For All GoldMore Night Light

      Our quality is guaranteed, all products include a 1 year warranty.