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Goldmore is the leading Usb fan manufacturer and supplier in China. Our Usb fans blend traditional with modern day style, and, finally. Our outdoor USB fans especially are as tough as they are beautiful. With multiple sizes, decorator-inspired finishes and versatile style, you’re sure to find exactly everything you need.

We produce our Mini Usb Fan in high quality; it is affordable and has a comprehensive technical support lifting. And we are ready to offer customer service to address any of your concerns with the product.

USB Fans

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      Why GoldMore USB Fans

      We specialize in manufacturing and producing USB Powered Fans  and USB Mini Fans.Our USB fans can also be used as promotional gift products.

      Perfect After-sales Service and Technical Support

      We offer USB Fan R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support.

      Long Operation Life and Easy Operation

      We feature compact designs that are convenient to carry, quiet, and low power use, USB fans with large fan blades feature high power, a long operation life, and easy operation.