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Yoga wear Manufacturer

Goldmore also produces a special Yoga wear -Athleta. We focus on providing comfortable and quality Yoga wear for EVERY woman, with various options for fit and size.

Offering stylish yoga clothing is our thing. Bright colours and beautiful cuts, petite sizes and large sizes; you have it all with Athleta.

Yoga wear

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      Why GoldMore Yoga Wear

      We are a major Yogawear Manufacturer & Supplier. Yoga in best done in proper yoga clothes made from natural fibers that will allow you to flex and stretch your body parts freely.

      Variety of Yoga Wear Designs For Men and Women

      We offer a variety of yoga clothes which are designed specifically for practicing the various forms of yoga. There are exclusive options for men and women. Men’s and Women’s Yoga clothes, Yoga Tops, and more.

      Made of 100% Cotton That Does Not Cling to Wearer’s Body

      Our apparel is made of 100% cotton that does not cling to the wearer’s body. These clothes feature stylish cuts, and are available in different sizes, their vibrant colours & styles allow the user to excel in yoga activities.