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Cordless Work Lights
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Make Your Business More Productive with Goldmore’s Cordless Work Lights

  • Gold Quality. At Goldmore, we have engineers who carefully chooses raw materials with superior grade quality to manufacture cordless work lights. Plus, we do a thorough inspection before every shipment so we can ensure good quality products upon arrival in your place.
  • Competitive Price.We offer wholesale orders of cordless work light in an affordable price and budget-friendly cost, so to improve your business.
  • Expert Design Team. If you choose Goldmore, our expert design team will help you in your logo printing, packaging design and options. These are all possible at Goldmore in order for your business’s name to be well-known in the market.

LED cordless work lights illuminates dark spaces or shaded areas. Goldmore’s cordless work light is very necessary for those who are working with any types of construction project. It features an adjustable brightness in order to fit one’s lighting needs. It can also be fitted with any types of battery. For longer runtime and optimum brightness, it has a low, medium and high-level output light modes.

These cordless work lights are from Goldmore has an efficient cooling since it is designed with a built-in heat sink which dissipates heat. Browse this page so you can discover wide variety options of cordless work lights. At Goldmore, you can have whatever you need for your light business!

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Goldmore Cordless Work Lights

Whether you have a light retail store or you have your own light brand, you should add cordless work light to your list. And if you need a manufacturer or supplier of cordless work light, don’t hunt any further! Goldmore is always ready to provide you a high-quality cordless work light.

Through our constant innovation, we are able to provide a flexible cordless work light. Because of its flexibility, its angle knobs are adjustable to allow an easy tilting. Our Cordless work lights are also IP65 waterproof. Its on/off switch is tightly sealed for outdoor and indoor application.

Cordless work lights manufactured by Goldmore has a hung hook. Some are also available with tripods for convenient use. With its tough design and robust housing, it will surely be feasible in the market. You can check our sample designs of cordless work lights. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can customize cordless work light for you or you can send us your own design. Our design and engineer team will work with it after your approval for the final design.

Goldmore has more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing different types of LED lights including cordless work lights in China. Through the years, we know how the manufacturing and supplying process works. In fact, Golmore is known as a tested BSIC manufacturer. And all our products are certified by RoHS, EMC, PAHS, CE, REAH and more. So, you can trust its quality.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, guaranteed that our cordless work lights have high-level of customers’ satisfaction. For more informative details, contact us in your most convenient time.

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