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  • Multiple choices, There are thousands of cool and great design keychain flashlights, you can select the best variety for you to choose from
  • More than a 1-year quality assurance, Each and every keychain flashlight comes with 1+ year warranty, Guaranteed-quality
  • All materials used are eco-friendly, The keychain flashlight can be made from Aluminum Alloy, Hard Plastic, ABS

If you are wondering where to find a reliable Keychain Flashlight Manufacturer in China, your lost in the right place. Goldmore has over 10 years in the Torch Light Manufacturing Industry. Each and every keychain flashlight had passed needed certifications such as ROHS, UL, CE, etc.

All kinds of Keychain Flashlight are supplied to come in interesting design. The lights can vary in size, weight, power, and length. Lightweight yet durable and functional Keychain Flashlight, Email us for your inquiries.

Most Popular Products

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Goldmore Keychain Flashlight

Goldmore keychain flashlight is designed to be ultra compact with a super bright light. It is a strong and handy flashlight that has the power to sharply light up in the dark. These products offered great advantages for every user, as they can be great use for any activities. Whether users are hiking along the trail, changing their flat tire in the middle of the road, opening their front doors in the dark, a keychain flashlight will serve as a quick and powerful source of illumination on demand. Also, these compact flashlights can be easily attached to almost anything.

All of our keychain flashlights feature a built-in USB charging. Due to that, consumers can conveniently recharge the flashlight with their portable charger thus, stay powered on any adventure. This tiny but super bright keychain flashlight is also water-resistance. It can withstand bad weather conditions.

Our keychain flashlights are available in a number of compact, trendy styles and attractive colours. You can customize orders to strengthen advertising and promoting your business. We can add your logo and input little details on the surface. So your possible customers will easily identify your brand. These mini keychain flashlights will surely serve as a great way to manage your businesses.

Each and every keychain flashlights complies the international standards requirements. It passed internal test such as CE, Rohs, EU, and so on. Besides, if you need more certifications, we will get it for you. With that, you can guarantee that the keychain flashlight is safe and reliable to use. The safety aspect of this keychain flashlight makes them into great product for merchandising. Regardless of their small size, these keychain flashlights can throw up brilliant glow, long-lasting lights.

If you want to buy in bulk or wholesale keychain flashlights, you can count on Goldmore. You can guarantee affordable price for your orders. Without compromising the quality, Goldmore can produce cost-effective keychain flashlights. We can deliver orders within 7-10 days. No delay.

Our keychain flashlights full of advantageous feature that will bring your name into success. Consistent performance, comfortable grip and reliable keychain flashlights is desirable. Backed up with our rich industry experience, we are able to produce outstanding quality LED keychain flashlights. Since 2006, we owned a good reputation for high quality bespoke products and excellent services.

Keychain Flashlight offered by us will definitely stand out your brand. We are consistently developing and supplying high power keychain flashlights. We’ve been gone over several overseas customers and they are satisfied with the services we offered.

For further discussion, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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