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  • Reading lamps are available in different styles and models. They include have clip style lamps, touch lights, rechargeable or battery operated, and folding lamp types.
  • Milky or Frosted Shades For more moderate the brightness of the LED lamps, we offer milky or frosted shades, which provide good diffused lighting, and strong protection to the eyes.
  • Easy for Use and Storage Their convenient, simple operation, makes it easy for use and storage.
LED Book Lighting
GM8502 LED Book Lighting
  • Size26*2.9*2.9cm
  • freely adjust the angle
  • Battery: 2pcs 1220 button batteries (include)
  • Life span: use one hour a day, it can last a year.

LED Book Lighting
GM10055B LED Book Lighting
  • Size: 12*5.5*40CM
  • Light Color: High Light / Middle Light / Weak Light
  • Soft Light Plate Area: 51cm²
  • 360° free adjustment.
  • Built-in lithium battery, 1200mAh, lighting time is 2-25hours.

LED Book Lighting
GM10055C LED Book Light
  • Size12*5.5*40CM
  • Voltage: 5 V
  • Body Material: ABS + Rubber
  • Power supply: wire-electric
  • Package Weight: 0.277 kg
  • 15 LED bulbs, romantic and soft light effect

LED Book Lighting
GM10056A LED Book Lighting
  • Size30X4X4.3CM
  • 3xAAA batteries (Not Included) or a USB (USB cable included)
  • 4 Levels of brightness
  • 360° adjustable
  • 2 flexible arm

Reading Lamp
GM10056C Reading Lamp
  • Size4.5*4.5*30CM
  • Battery: 3xAAA(exclude)
  • 360-degree adjustable
  • Multifunctions: 2 lamp heads each with 4 LED lights, which can be switched separately by simple push-button (1 or 2)

LED Book Lighting
GM10056D LED Book Lighting
  • Size30X4X4.3CM
  • 8 LEDs
  • AAA battery
  • Long working time,
  • Lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry.

If you’re looking for a professional manufacturer of LED Book Light, you have come to the right place. Goldmore at all times brings you the very best in value that we possibly can. We have a professional design team for any Book Light type you may want.

Following the design, our efficient Technical Team engages in opening the mold, injection, assembling to products, quality control and packing. For all process, we have a professional team to help customize the product to your specific needs.

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GoldMore Help You Develop Super Book Light

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GoldMore has much experience in the development and manufacturing of LED book night, we have helped over 1000 clients develop unique book lamp sell very good on Amazon, eBay and other platforms.

LED book light provide bright, focused illumination perfect for taking in the daily newspaper or reading a favorite book, the repose practically a luxury for those living a fast lifestyle.

GoldMore is your best LED book light manufacturer in China. We are manufacturing LED book light and other outdoor lights for more than 10 years. Our professional design team has engage in developing newest design LED book lights.

led book light

GoldMore LED book light are available in different sizes, styles and models. Including clip style lamps, touch lights, rechargeable or battery operated, and folding lamp types. We also provide milky and frosted shades for more moderate brightness of the LED lamps, which provides good diffused lighting, and strong protection to the eyes.

GoldMore LED book light are easy to use and storage that makes it convenient and simple operation. Goldmore at all times, manufactured the very best LED book light you could possibly have.

If you want to customize your design, we have our expert technical team that will help custom LED book light products according to your specific needs. Along with the process, the team are engaged in opening the mold, injection, assembling to products, quality control and product packaging.

Whether you’re lounging on the couch or finishing up some work at your desk, GoldMore LED book light gives the focused light needed in a variety of tasks while providing unique styles. GoldMore LED book light will definitely meet your needs.

led book light

GoldMore LED book light creates modern lighting system and giving people the freedom to experience beautiful lighting wherever they are. GoldMore provide more than 1 year of LED book light warranty.

If you want to have the best LED book light for your business and want to find best deals you can get for the LED book lamp that you want, contact us now.

The Ultimate Guide to LED Book Lights

Is there a difference between a book light and a desk lamp?

Desk lamps are also a great solution for late-night reading, but the area its light covers is much bigger than that of a book light.

This may stress the reader’s eyes, create glare from a computer screen, and even disturb anyone else in the room.

LED book lights fix all these problems.

They only illuminate a small area, just enough to cover your book or screen.

They also are designed to not fatigue the eyes.

Finally, book lights are just more portable, so they are easy to travel with or read in a bus with.

Does it make a difference – whether the light is for an e-book or a paper book?

An e-reader’s and traditional reader’s needs are very different.

For one, regular book lights tend to create glare and reflect off of the screen, disrupting the user.

Glare is created when a light shines directly onto the screen, and when the difference between the light and the screen illumination is big.

Thus, to decrease glare, the book light can be positioned at a different angle, illuminating the keyboard or the desk, or running parallel to the screen.

It can also be softer in brightness or via diffusion.

Light for screens

 Light for screens

LED book lights, thus, should either have a fairly long neck/arm or a flat light that directs the beam parallel to the screen of an ebook.

Lights for a computer screen should also ideally have long necks and directed at the keyboard.

Lights for paperback books have the most flexibility with the design and angle, but a uniform light is best.

Light for paper

Light for paper

What are the parts of an LED book light?

Conventional LED book light

Conventional LED book light

Most conventional LED book lights have 3 main features or parts.

The head, or the top, is the light fixture with LEDs.

This is the part that determines everything having to do with light.

The neck, sometimes called the arm, is the wire-like part that stems from the head.

It determines the light’s flexibility – will it bend, fold, or remain stationary.

Lastly, the base, or the foot, is the bottom part of the book light.

It can be free-standing, have a clamp, or both.

e designs?

As mentioned above, the bases can be free-standing, have a clamp, a clip, or a USB.

Free-standing bases work really well with folding designs (see the section below) since then the light won’t move around as the user is adjusting a flexible neck.

These bases are simple, but you have to keep in mind the weight and proportions of the whole design so it doesn’t topple over.

Also, free-standing bases are usually combined with clamps, which increases its versatility.

Clamp bases can be attached to any flat surface according to their size.

There are big lights that can be clamped to a table, or there are smaller lights that clamp directly to your book.

Again, this depends on the weight of the light.

However, clamps sometimes have a small end piece that can be adjusted to any angle, as shown in the image below.

This accommodates for any thickness of the surface you are clamping to light too.

Clamp base with movable end piece

Clamp base with movable end piece

While there are small lights with clamps, clips are more convenient.

Clips are great for very small lights that usually have a single LED.

They are light enough to clip onto your page like a paper clip.

Plus, they double as a bookmark because of the clip base.

Clip base

Clip base

Finally, the no-base base or the USB base is a book light that ends with a USB.

There are usually for reading what is on a computer screen.

Thus, the user plugs in the light into their PC, charging the light, as well as getting it to work.

USB base

USB base

What are some neck designs?

Because one of the main characteristics of a book light is its portability, there are 2 types of neck/arm designs that account for it.

The most common design is a flexible neck.

These allow the user to angle and bend them however he or she wants and needs.

Thus, they have a big range of motion.

They can be made from wire and rubber, or from a steel gooseneck.

However, if they aren’t made well, they will either be unbendable or won’t hold their shape, so you have to find the golden mean, so to speak.

Flexible neck-arm

Flexible neck/arm

Another design is a foldable neck.

It consists of solid parts that are connected with joints, allowing them to fold.

Usually, they are rectangular in shape, but they don’t have to be.

While you don’t have a full range of motion, you still can easily adjust the angle of light up or down.

Folding neck

Folding neck 

If you want to be able to adjust it sideways, it is possible, and you have to request a ball-and-socket joint, which will work similarly to how the wrist joint works in a human body.

Ball joint neck

Ball joint neck

This ball joint option can just go on its own without additional foldable parts.

There is one more design that doesn’t fit in with the others.

This is a solid neck/arm design.

Here, there is zero flexibility or angling.

The light is already angled in a perfect way to light up your page.

These lights are very small, so they are still portable.

The material used for these is typically ABS.

Solid neck design

Solid neck design

Finally, some LED book lights have 2 necks, allowing for more light and more angle flexibility.

Double book light

Double book light

What are some head designs?

LED book lights have many different designs that it is difficult to categorize them.

But we will try today.

One common design is a defined head fixture.

These can be bulb-shaped, square, leaf-shaped, ring light, anything.

They can also have anywhere from 1 to 18 LEDs, as well as COB.

Bulb and square lights are general and versatile.

Usually, their light doesn’t quite fill up the full page, but rather the most of it.

Plus, square and rectangular defined head looks best with folding necks.

Leaf-shaped, or wing-of-the-light book lights provide a wide beam angle, covering the entire page.

They can also be oval and horizontally rectangular in shape.

Wing-of-the-light design

Wing-of-the-light design

Ring lights look like donuts.

These provide very good and uniform lighting that you can even market to vloggers who need portable ring lights.

Ring light

Ring light

Another type of LED book light heads is one that doesn’t have a defined head, but rather stems from the neck/arm.

These are usually wide rectangular lights or rod lights.

These also provide a wide angle.

Rectangular lights make the most sense with folding necks, not flexible ones.

Rod lights are basically a continuous neck with LEDs along the top.

These provide the widest beam angle and cover the most area.

Rod lights

Rod lights

For more ideas, talk to us today!

Does the light placement matter?

The placement of the actual light in the fixture does matter since it gives more options for certain lighting ideas.

The light can be placed on the side of the fixture or in the front.

Side placement allows for a wider beam angle, as well as somewhat easier adjustment since the neck of the light doesn’t need to be arched.

Side placement

Side placement

Front placement usually has more of a spotlight effect, and needs to be arched directly down.

This also makes it more difficult to work with if a screen is involved since the downward arch is prone to glare.

However, these shapes serve better as desk lights, so if you are thinking of a bigger book light, this shape could work well.

Front placement

Front placement

What are some unconventional LED book light designs?

Besides the usual base-neck-head design, there are several other LED book lights that could give you more inspiration.

One such design is an earpiece light. It doesn’t clip anywhere, but your ear.

It is very small, doesn’t need flexible parts since it just follows your every head move, illuminating exactly where you are looking.

A problem with such a light is that it may be uncomfortable to wear.

Earpiece book light

Earpiece book light

Following the theme of on-body book lights, there is what is called a hug light.

It has 2 heads connected by a cord/neck that go around the user’s neck.

This light is adjustable and sits comfortably, unobstructed the book, which clamp lights can do.

Hug light

Hug light

Another interesting design is a see-through sheet with an array of LEDs.

This is a good design that illuminates the entire page and doubles as a bookmark.

But, it does have its drawbacks as well.

Firstly, the transparent sheet needs to the size of your page or bigger, but not smaller since that would be frustrating for the reader.

Secondly, this design needs a flat surface because it would be straining to hold the book and the light is a proper position.

LED sheet light

LED sheet light

Some other designs are more conventional than the previous two but lack one or more parts from the 3 main ones.

There is an LED book light that doesn’t have a neck.

In this case, you can’t adjust anything, but it will provide a uniform wash of light on the page or the screen.

In fact, this makes them glare-free, which is perfect for ebooks and computer screens.

Plus, they are extremely portable.

No-neck LED light

No-neck LED light

Another example would be a book light without a base – just a continuous cord with LEDs on the top.

Your customer can create any base with this light, or attach and wrap it around anything.

As such, it is the most versatile book light.

Cord LED light

Cord LED light

Finally, there are mini book lights, USB lights.

They look like regular USBs but don’t store information.

Instead, they light up when connected to a computer.

It doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than aesthetics, which is why it is available in many light colors.

USB light

USB light

What decorative potential do LED book lights have?

Goldmore offers many decorative LED book light designs, such as a lemon design or a flower design, which you can see in action in our video.

You can also have parts that emit colored light on the fixture.

But besides these, there are other designs that are very decorative and can double as night lights.

Some LED book light designs seem like they have taken the phrase “book light” too literally.

For example, our light that looks like an open book.

It has a similar idea to an accordion – folds that extend or compress.

As such, this design lets the user fully extend the light to span up to 360 degrees.

Also, you can change the color of light on these to blue, green, pink, anything.

Folding book light

Folding book light

Another literal book light is a closed book.

This one is a panel of light that works as an indoor floodlight.

Book floodlight

Book floodlight

Besides all this, you can always customize your LED book light to be of any color and shape.

Different colors for LED book lights

Different colors for LED book lights

What are some ways to make my LED book lights multi-purpose?

All in all, you can create book lights that can double as a ring light, as a bookmark, as a night light, even as a clock and a timer.

As mentioned, the ring book light is great for vloggers and YouTubers who want an on-the-go versatile ring light.

Plus, we have discussed the night-light role along with LED book lights’ decorative potential.

As for bookmarks, clip bases do the trick.

However, there are special bookmark lights as well.

Bookmark LED light

Bookmark LED light

These can bend and straighten out to accommodate your lighting needs.

And when you’re done reading for the night, the book light becomes a full-on bookmark.

Another all-in-one solution is a clock light.

These are usually folding book lights that have an LED head and a smart panel that shows date, time, and even surrounding temperature.

This is great for students who value efficiency, space, and money.

Clock book light

Clock book light

Finally, there are LED book lights with timers.

They can be set to a certain time, such as 15 minutes, after which, the light will get turned off.

This is useful for parents who are buying their small children a book light, as well as any person with a tight schedule.

Does the number of LEDs matter?

The number of LEDs does not matter very much.

In terms of brightness, it depends on the light’s lumen output.

Here, even one LED can beat 3 weaker ones.

The number of LEDs does matter, however, in terms of the beam angle.

More LEDs placed over a bigger fixture surface will emit light that will cover more area as well.

What is the typical weight of an LED book light?

The average weight of an LED book light is about 2 ounces or 60 grams.

The lightest one Goldmore has weighs 1.5 oz, or 42 grams.

Whereas, the heaviest one is 277 g or 9.5 oz.

Silicone or rubber USB book lights will be very lightweight, while a bigger light with any other base will be heavier.

Either way, free-standing book lights don’t need to be lightweight, but clamp and clip book lights absolutely need to be very light, so as not to damage the book.

What LED types are used in book lights?

Just like with other LED lights, such as bike lights, there are 3 types of LEDs that can be used: 5mm, SMD, and COB.

LEDs that are of the 5mm type don’t provide as much light as the other LED types.

However, it is fairly cheap and provides enough light for a book light.

They are simple and don’t need as much of a heatsink as the others.

5mm LEDs

5mm LEDs

SMDs, or surface-mounted LEDs, are more powerful, need a better heatsink, and have good lenses.

They are commonly used for book lights as well.

Especially, they are great for rod or a wing-of-the-light designs.

SMD light

SMD lights

Finally, the COB, or chip-on-board, technology is the brightest one.

It consists of densely packed individual LEDs.

It is not as common because it may be too bright.

COB lights

COB lights

How many lumens should LED book lights have?

You do not need much since that could strain your eyes.

That said, you only need no more than 20-50 lumens, depending on what the reading surface is.

For paperback books or textbooks, a slightly higher number of lumens is better.

For any type of screen, a lower number of lumens is enough since the screen itself emits light.

What beam angle is ideal for an LED book light?

For a book light, you don’t need a spotlight angle, but rather a floodlight angle.

The light should cover the entire page, which means that the beam width should be about 24-30 cm, or 10-12 in.

This makes the beam angle to be about 100 degrees.

How much area should an LED book light cover?

As mentioned, the light should cover the entire page or keyboard.

An average book page is 6×9 inches, or 14×21 centimeters.

For the rest, we need to get acquainted with lux.

It is a measurement of how much area a light covers.

With a lumen output range of 20-50 lumens and a beam angle of 100, your lux value should be about 900-2000.

You can also calculate a more accurate lux by yourself based on exactly your specifications.

What color temperatures should LED book lights have?

There are no set regulations, but each color temperature has its own effects on a person.

Let’s examine these.

Cool light from 5000K to 6000K makes it easier to concentrate, being perfect to work in.

This light is great for office workers, freelancers, and students – those that need to focus on a task.

Neutral to warm light – 4000K to 5000K – creates a comfortable atmosphere, while still helping to focus for general reading.

This can be marketed to anyone that likes to read books in their free time.

Warm 3000K light is cozy and has a relaxing effect.

It can be used to draw, read a book, watch something on a computer.

It can also help to relieve stress.

Different color temperatures

Different color temperatures

Should there be book lights with colored light?

Colored light can be used in decorative purposes.

However, the main reading light should be within the color temperature variation.

Some decorative colored lighting can be as a second light accompanying the main one, or be used purely for decor.

Colored light you can have

 Colored light you can have – decorative, not main

Unlike flashlights or even bike lights, LED book lights don’t need signaling or SOS features, so they should be kept to a decorative minimum.

There is one color that can be useful in more specialized book lights – blue.

Blue light facilitates reading maps, which is helpful for engineers and any other professional that works with maps.

Are light modes needed?

For sure!

You can have 2-9 different light modes.

These modes can be for color temperature, brightness, or both.

The more modes you have, the more versatile your LED book light is.

Color temperatures make the light optimal for several different activities, such as working, studying, and leisurely reading a book.

Brightness modes make the light equally capable with paper books and screens since softer light reduces glare.

Goldmore offers a huge variation with light modes, so you can choose anything.

Possible light modes for LED book lights

Possible light modes for LED book lights

Where can LED book lights be installed?

Depending on the type of base, LED book lights can be put on the table, clamped to the table, the chair, to a computer, a bedside, an overhead shelf, clipped to the book.

Some designs even let the user wear the light over his or her ear or neck.

Overall, book lights are very versatile in terms of placement.

How can LED book lights be charged?

Mainly, there are several ways of charging LED book lights.

The major one is through a USB port.

It can plug into a laptop (both mac and PC), used with a phone charger, and a power bank.

Another way to charge book lights is solar power.

But for that to work, these need to be marketed in sunny locations.

Your best bet is to include a universal USB port since it is most convenient for your customers.

Typically, book lights use AAA batteries. They also take 3-4 hours to charge and can work up to 25 hours.

For more technical information, feel free to reach out!

What is my target audience?

Generally, your target audience is anyone who likes reading.

You can then specialize to students, people who work at a computer, vloggers, children, even campers.

All these audiences need specialized products, such as glare-free lights, ring lights, lights with timers, as well as somewhat rugged lights.

For more detailed information, contact us today!

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