Magnetic Flashlight
Magnetic Flashlight
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  • Fashionable and Practical Magnetic Flashlight, There are thousands of design of magnetic flashlight, Defect-free and Highly Reliable
  • Fully certified Products, All Magnetic Flashlight had passed the main testing, e.i., CE, ROHS, ECM, and UL.
  • On-time Delivery, Goldmore has the fast lead time, 7-10 days orders arrived. Each product comes to include more than 1 year quality assurance.
Magnetic Flashlight
GM11165+5 Models Portable Edc Tail With Magnetic Flashlight
GM11165+5 Models Portable Edc Tail With Magnetic Flashlight
GM11166+T6 1000LM Multifunction 3Modes 18650 Rechargeable Battery AAA Battery Micro USB Charging COB + LED Magnetic Flashlight
GM11166+T6 1000LM Multifunction 3Modes 18650 Rechargeable Battery AAA Battery Micro USB Charging COB + LED Magnetic Flashlight
GM11442+T6 bead 300 lumen 3w COB magnetic flashlight
GM11442+T6 bead 300 Lumen 3w COB Magnetic Flashlight

Are you looking for the best manufacturer of high performance magnetic flashlight in China? Goldmore it is! We satisfy our clients by providing them best quality Magnetic Flashlight, they could ever find.

Compared to the models in the market, Goldmore Magnetic Flashlight possessed useful features that help every consumer lighting problems. By reason of, we are proud to manufacture and supply high powered Magnetic Flashlight. Since we established until this year, we have created and do more designs. Just check our magnetic flashlight models and email us which one attracts you

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Goldmore Magnetic Flashlight

Goldmore Magnetic Flashlight is a great combination of mechanics and technicians. It has the ability to stick and rotate from its position. This magnetic function adds twist on the typical flashlight and attracts more consumer’ to try this innovative design. In Goldmore, we stock a wide array of magnetic flashlights. Whether you need products for your store or branding purposes, count on Goldmore.

This Magnetic Flashlight was built to last. It is developed using our advanced mechanism and high quality materials. With that, we are able to produce highly durable magnetic flashlights. If you need our flashlight outputs for marketing or promotional needs, you can rely on Goldmore. Variety of unique and innovative products in different colours, sizes, and other options that is perfect for your requirements.

When it comes with customization, you can enjoy our limitless offers. We can imprint and engraved branding recognition into the surface. Multi-coloured logos and promotional messages will add marketability in your brand in the market. Custom magnetic flashlight with Goldmore offers at unbeatable prices.

Our Magnetic Flashlight full meets the main certifications such as CE, EMC, ROHS, SCCP, and more. Consequently, we can do more certifications for your orders when needed. Our talented and skillful engineers develop this product considering international standards. Thus, they keep their eye during production. They strictly checked and inspect each product to ensure every item is free from any deficiency and any other imperfections.

High Quality Magnetic Flashlights are the product of our rich experience in the industry. We are able to deliver a unique solution to every client we deal thus maintain the quality service we provide. For over 10 years in the making, we are engaged to offer world-class magnetic flashlights. Accordingly, we had become the most worthwhile flashlight manufacturer and supplier based in China.

Goldmore strongly produced high quality flashlights with numerous outstanding features. Whether you’re just planning to start up business or keep sustaining your branding options, you can count Goldmore. With Small MOQ of 50 pieces, we can supply amount of products for your application. Probably, 1-2 weeks you can get your orders already. Goldmore is your perfect partner to deal with. Send us your request and we will do the best that we could.

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