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Multi Function Flashlight
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Your Premier Multi function Flashlight Manufacturer in China

  • High Performance and Reliable All-in-1 Flashlight, This kind of flashlight performs great execution. It has a super bright LED light, sturdy structure, and has a longer lasting lifespan.
  • Skillful and knowledgeable staff, Goldmore is equipped with talented, professional craftsmen. They have the ability to manufacture and supply your ideal multi-function flashlights.
  • Good after-sales and technical support, We can help you with the production of your orders plus you can get our products at a very reasonable cost. Each item comes with 1+ year warranty service

If you are having a hard time finding for a reliable Multifunction Flashlight manufacturer in China, then you’ve come to the perfect place.  Goldmore is known to be one of the best suppliers of high-quality multi-function flashlight.

Our engineers effectively construct multi-function products that make your business/ project outstand. Goldmore is certainly your best one-stop-shop solution. Email us with your request today.

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Goldmore Multi-function Flashlight

Goldmore designed and develop flashlight with multi-functions. This kind of flashlight is built using durable eco-friendly materials, therefore, it formed a very solid construction. It makes this the perfect lighting solution for most indoor and outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, camping, emergencies, and others. Our flashlight can be carried conveniently into any other occasion.

All-in-one Flashlight comes with different advantageous features. Some models come up with built-in compass, cutting-knife and power bank. This is intended use for any crucial uses. Others may have integrated powerful magnets that can be attachable to any device or surface.  Furthermore, this multi-function flashlight has a waterproof design, abrasion-resistant and slip-proof. They can hold out against heavy conditions and extremely bad weather state.

Our Multi-function flashlight offered in different design, sizes and packaging options. Otherwise, we can perform customization with the whole configuration. When the need for branding purposes, we can add logo into the surface. With Goldmore, you can assure unique and authentic multi-function flashlights for your requirements.

All multi-function flashlights come with longer-lasting lifespan yet they can also be great for everyday uses. It was manufactured through the advance technology under the supervision of our expert engineers. Their rich understanding of the production allows them to enhance their workability. We are actively designing and developing newest and innovative versatile flashlights.

Through rigorous quality check and inspection, we are able to produce high-end quality standard flashlights. Our professional QC team makes sure all products have no further quality issues and free from any defect. Our versatile flashlights are 100% CE, EMC, ROHS, SCCP, PAHS, REACH certificated. Moreover, if you order to meet further certifications, we will strive to make it for you.

Goldmore truly dedicated to supplying only the most innovative and high-quality multi-function flashlight in the world. As one of the leading manufacturer in China, we want to make sure every shipment is in the finest form. Equipped with a talented team and modern machines, we are sure to deliver you the products you dreamed of. We will do the best that we could to assure you get 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

We have customer-friendly staff s that is 24/7 online to support your orders. Please feel free to contact us, if you need any assistance.

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