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Custom Pen Flashlight to Boom Your Business

Leading Pen Flashlight Manufacturer

  • Competitive Factory Price, Goldmore pen flashlights are offer in reasonable cost, whether you need this for your brand or retail store, you can guarantee high quality products in affordable price
  • Professional Design and Engineer team, We had well-trained and knowledgeable engineers that will cater to design and develop your request. We have also the perfect after-sales service and technical support for you.
  • Customized Pen Flashlight Designs, In Goldmore, we can tailor-made pen flashlights to meet your specifications. It includes the style, design, colour, sizes, etc. We can provide high quality custom Pen Flashlight.

Goldmore as the leading Torch Light Manufacturer and Supplier in China, produce a wide array of high quality Pen Flashlight. Our Pen Flashlights are as tough as they are fashionable. With multiple style, design, sizes, you can surely find exact configuration on demand.

Every shipment of Pen Flashlight has comprehensive technical support. We are glad and always ready to manufacture and supply the best Pen Flashlight for you. Email us for more info.

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Goldmore Pen Flashlight

Goldmore Pen Flashlight has the brightest LED light and it is handy use to almost anywhere. With a push of a button, the pen light is ready for usage. These Pen Flashlights has multi-purpose. It offered the newest twist on the classic pen. Thus, it can be a great item to carry with for camping, hiking, fishing, boating and any other outdoor activities.

Our Pen Flashlight has a rigid structure to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is waterproof at the same time they are designed to last. With a smaller size, Goldmore pen flashlight is very portable, convenient to use. Lesser space occupancy and flexible placement choices is a must. They can be simply clipped into pocket, bags, or anywhere users want to. Even though this is smaller compared to other flashlights yet they had efficient working performances. Our pen flashlight comes with different weight, material, dimensions, modes, and other aspects. You can view selections above and you can select the best collection for your demand.

Pen Flashlights offered by us is very durable and tough. They can endure damages from dropping, wear or tear. Some items have very high lumens which makes it applicable for outdoors. Others may come with batteries. Also, there was penlight which has reasonable modes, an intelligent step-down mechanism which automatically steps down from high light to low. These mechanism executed to save power and for a longer lifespan. Our Pen flashlights come with different power and functions according to your requirement.

These Pen Flashlights will surely shine a light in your business. Apart from it, if you want to custom orders, we are ready to serve you. Over a decade in the industry, our engineers gain rich knowledge and experience to manufacture custom pen flashlight. Whether you are an Amazon Seller, or you want to enhance your branding, you can rely on Goldmore. Our professional designing and developing team will construct your design the way you expected it. Also, we can add your logo, and other details on the surface based on your artwork. Whether OEM or ODM customers, we provide professional services on you.

No worries if you’re just starting your business because we have small MOQ. Start with 50 pieces you can already work on marketing your business. With the latest technology, Goldmore can actively develop your design and deliver it on-time. Portable, convenient and well balanced illumination tools are obtainable with Goldmore. All our pen flashlight comes with more than 1 year warranty. Quality is guaranteed. Thus we had professional after sales and technical support for your order.

By purchasing our pens in bulk, this will help you to keep costs low. And you can guarantee that our penlights products can meet any of your budgets. For your order, please contact us today!

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