Solar Camping Lights
Solar Camping Lights
Boost Your Business

Custom Solar Camping Lights to Strengthen Your Business

  • Environmentally-friendly Raw Materials, Goldmore lamp are made from environmentally friendly materials, both beneficial to consumers and environment.
  • Multiple Selection of Designs, More than 1000 Solar Camping Lights are available for you to choose from, this can be customized to meet your requirement.
  • Different models comes different features and functions, e.g., AC charging or USB Output for mobile phone charging, Portable or Hanging, etc.
Solar Camping Lights
GM20079 Rechargeable-Portable-Outdoor-Led-Solar-Camping-Lights
GM20079 Rechargeable Portable Outdoor Led Solar Camping Lights
GM20101Solar-rechargeable-COB-camping-lantern-LED Camping Lights
GM20101 Solar Rechargeable COB Camping Lantern LED Camping Lights
GM20105 COB Rechargeable Solar Camping Lights
GM20105 COB Rechargeable Solar Camping Lights
GM10222 Soft Silicone Material Solar Camping Light Bottle
GM10222 Soft Silicone Material Solar Camping Light Bottle
Square Shaped Solar Inflatable Lantern with USB Output
GM80503 Solar Camping Light with hand strip Inflatable Lights
GM20115 foldble solar camping lights
GM20115 Foldable Solar Camping Lights

Goldmore solar camping lights are made up from sustainable materials. In the production process and when used they does not cause harm the environment. Our solar camping lights can be beneficial to consumers and environments. This can reduce pollution and free from contamination of the air, water, and other elements. Goldmore is committed to offer environmentally friendly lighting products.

Our solar camping lights feature a luminous and longer lasting LED lights. Some solar camping lights can be rechargeable others may none. Also, it can be designed with USB output for mobile phone charging. We can also add accessories such as hooks for hanging purposes. Accordingly, Goldmore solar camping light is full of good and functional aspects. These solar camping lights are available in different attractive and trendy designs. You can pick variety of solar camping lights according to your purposes. With this, you can get amazing set of lighting solution from us.

Most Popular Products

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Goldmore Solar Camping Light

In Goldmore, we can design solar camping lights with your idea. Our technical team will first check your artwork and give some assistance and suggestions. After that, we will make the final design draft, for your approval. Then our team will start designing for the sample product. After all the processes, we will then start the solar camping light production.

With the original and unique solar camping lights for your business, you can guarantee your name will boom in the market. In Goldmore, we make your shopping experienced worthwhile. We will let you save your time and reduce cost as well as save you from the risk of flaws and deficiency.

Each and every solar camping light is rigorously tested and inspected by our top engineers. We make sure it passed the internal test such as Rosh, CE, UL, EMC, etc. Therefore, you can assure your brand stand out from the rest with our highly portable and lightweight solar camping lights. Our solar camping lights products have been preferred by our customers due to their extra energy efficiency. And since they come with solar rechargeable batteries, it can be the perfect on-the-go items wherever they want to.

Test Camping Light
Test Camping Light

Our solar camping lights have been widely appreciated by our customers because of its high precision quality level. It is not just attractive but it is functional as well. Any model of our solar camping lights will be a great source of your lighting businesses. With more than 10 years’ experience Solar Camping Lights production, we have the perfect solution for you. We can provide free samples for our designs, for you to check.

Goldmore as one of the leading Solar Camping Lights Manufacturer based in China, we actively develop new and innovative lighting products. We had over 1000 solar camping lights for you to select which will suit your business requirements. Here in Goldmore, we value your time that’s why we guarantee to deliver your orders in 7-10 days. Our solar camping lights products have also a 1-year warranty.

Now, if you have still questions or you have any inquiries regarding our solar camping lights products, please feel free to leave a message. Our friendly staff will accommodate your request and you will get a better quote within 24 hours.

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