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  • Reliability, on time, every time provision of quality headlamp – at affordable price
  • Flexibility, guaranteed fast delivery, have the ability to supply all kinds of LED headlamp, bypassing factory MOQs
  • Fully certified products, all our waterproof headlamp meets the industry standard: RoHS, CE, UL, etc

We offer extremely versatile waterproof headlamp to support your business. Our top engineers have used durable materials for our waterproof headlamp to withstand weather conditions. Waterproof headlamp from Goldmore featuring super bright illumination.

Thus, it makes useful for salvage operations, underwater archaeological works and diving works. Our waterproof headlamp is great tools for some outdoor activities such as caving, hunting, hiking, and fishing.

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Goldmore Waterproof Headlamp

In our factory, Goldmore have huge stock of wide variety of waterproof headlamp in various features, colors, design, and sizes. We have an abundant waterproof headlamp to choose from to best suit your requirements. Also, the entire features of our waterproof headlamp can be customized to meet the specification of your application.

In the leading market, Goldmore is one of the popular, smallest yet most powerful waterproof headlamp. Our waterproof headlamp has a high ability to waterproof and comes with handy when climbing, hiking, and cycling in the rain. This Goldmore waterproof headlamp can run up to 100 hours and the LED light has a lifespan average of 50,000 hours.

Goldmore waterproof headlamp featuring lock switch. Thus, the user will not able to turn it on when it is in your bag. Our Goldmore waterproof headlamp can indicate the lamp’s battery when it is running low because it has a translucent switch.

At Goldmore, we are capable to supply waterproof headlamp for your business or for branding purposes. Our rich experienced engineers produce waterproof headlamp and other lighting products using high-class quality materials. All our waterproof headlamp has processed into our advanced technology. Because of that, Goldmore is able to produce unique and innovative waterproof headlamp for you.

Goldmore waterproof headlamp is designed and engineered to provide durability, high efficiency for long-lasting ownership. You can get our waterproof headlamp at a very affordable price. With Goldmore, our pricing is guaranteed to fit with your budget. Always rely on Goldmore with no hesitation.

With more than 10 years in the industry, Goldmore specializes in LED headlamp. In fact, our factory is trusted by the most client throughout the world. As one of a reliable manufacturer of waterproof headlamps, our factory has the latest machine, full set of certifications and professional after-sales service. With our easy to use, highly durable and compact products, it will surely remarkable in the market with your brand.

Through to its affordability, easy to use and reliability, most customers worldwide are highly demanded our products and services. Plus, your order will receive on the date you expect. All in all, you receive orders on time through our fast delivery services.

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